Design Basis published

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Fig. 1: Location of the chosen reference site within the Maritime Spatial Plan of the German North Sea (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie 2021)

The CRC 1463 just published its design basis of a wind turbine as a data set!

"The following design basis should document the design envelope and environmental conditions in the project “offshore megastructures”. In this project, methodologies for an integrated design and operation of very large offshore wind turbines are investigated, accompanied with the development and use of a digital twin. Thus, this document does not aim on developing a turbine ready for certification but rather emphasises on challenges and specific demands in the multidisciplinary design of future offshore wind turbines. This document will summarize major key assumptions for the megastructure itself as well as for its environmental conditions."

The design basis can be accessed here.

Full citation:
Ribnitzky, D.; Voß, S.; Rode, A.; Wynants, M.; Saathoff, J.-E.; Yassin, K.; Märtins, D.; Schuster, D.; Goldau, N.; Neuhaus, L.; Meyer, J.; Werthen, E.; Wächter, M; Hübler, C.; Rolfes, R.; Balzani, C.; Hildebrandt, A.; Peinke, J.; Schlurmann, T.; Schmidt, B.; Kühn, M.: Offshore Megastructures Design Basis - CRC 1463, Version 6.0, Zenodo [data set],, 2024