Project area A - Design boundary conditions

Project Area A focuses on the investigation of previously unexplored or insufficiently explored design and installation boundary conditions for offshore megastructures. The significant increase in dimensions compared to similar existing structures, complex aeroelastic, hydrodynamic and soil morphological interactions with each other and with the increasingly flexible structure require a deeper understanding of previously unexplored processes and their causes in the boundary conditions of offshore megastructures. Since the influences and interactions of the parameters involved in the processes are in many cases unknown, comprehensive modeling (complex partial models) based on measurement and simulation time series as well as experimental tests will be carried out first. For a later integration of these models into a real-time capable digital twin, the reduction and, if necessary, parameterization of these realistic complex partial models is planned in a next step. The modeling of the interaction of design boundary conditions among each other, the interaction of design and installation boundary conditions as well as the coupling with reactive and dynamic WTGs is essential for a holistic design and operation methodology.