Herzlich Willkommen: Dr. Mastaneh Moattari

Welcome: Dr. Mastaneh Moattari

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The CRC 1463 gained a new member in October 2023: We heartly welcome the young researcher and scholarship holder of the Caroline Herschel Programme, Dr. Mastaneh Moattari!

"In the context of the CRC project, my research focus will be on the establishment of a numerical framework tailored for a comprehensive analysis of jacket structures. This framework will play a pivotal role in augmenting the existing digital twins in the CRC. The numerical model will be designed to incorporate critical inputs, including aerodynamic loads on jacket structure defined in Z01, installation-related loads as provided in A06, and hydrodynamic loads stemming from wave dynamics, as sourced from A03. In reciprocation, the model will furnish insights essential for the potential redesign of the jacket structure that will be proposed within the subprojects B06 as well as B07. Furthermore, the analytical outcomes will serve as demanded data for the development of an optimal monitoring system for the jacket structure within C01."